Elasto protective glasses will win you over with their subtle and practical unisex design featuring transparent arms. They offer reliable eye protection and also look great.


They are designed to protect the eyes from airborne particles from the surrounding environment, and provide mechanical protection against flying particles. Even saliva droplets cannot get into the covered area.

By using these glasses, the wearer can avoid unintentional contact between the hand and eyes, offering additional protection.


For a long lifespan and a clear view at all times, these protective glasses can easily be cleaned using a standard detergent or disinfectant and a soft cleaning cloth.


The raised lenses rest directly on the face, which provides additional protection. As do the integrated side and eyebrown protectors.


Thanks to their low weight, these elasto protective glasses are very comfortable to wear. Due to their intelligent design, they won’t slip off the nose.


In line with EU Regulation 2016/425 for personal protective equipment,
Category II (protection from medium risks) EN 166:2001.

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